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We help brands grow on YouTube.
From 0 to 1 000 000 Subscribers

Too many ads and content campaigns are only reliant on media buying. Not organic reach and engagement. We want to help you grow and build your own audience by making videos that people want to engage with and click on.

We're YouTubers ourselves. Over the years, have helped several global brands and personalities build their channels on YouTube.  Many of them have become self-sufficient.


If you have a great offer, a great CTA and something people actually care about, conversion & organic reach will be your last problem.

Because we have seen a lack of experience and understanding within the industry, we have decided to launch a new department, the YouTube Factory.

Our YouTube Growth offer includes: 

  • Strategy & keyword plan for YouTube

  • Monthly film & photo productions

  • Weekly videos for publishing on YouTube.

  • Weekly analytics for maximal growth.


Let's make good stuff based on ideas that actually works on YouTube. Then you won't need a big media budget to get the reach and conversion. Most of the things brands produce today are not adapted to the platform itself. 


We know how YouTube works. How editing is different compared to traditional content creation and advertising, how to work with thumbnails and A/B testing, how to work with retention and we are experts in building an audience.

We work with small production teams, with makes it possible for you to get amazing results in terms of growth, but with cost-efficient productions.

Let us help you save money, time and build something long-term.

ages 16-25

100% use YT

ages 26-45

98% use YT

ages 46-55

96% use YT

ages 75+

57% use YT

Let's grab a coffee!

We'll come by for a 45-minute inspirational 
talk on
YouTube Growth.

Thank you!

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