A viral brand campaign has exactly the same elements as a successful documentary film.
It requires entertaining and fascinating characters.

Strong dramaturgy that drives emotions and commitment. And without the right timing, a project disappears in the noise. The whole story must be anchored with the brand and the brand's values.

In the future, we really believe that more brands will start to explore documentary storytellling in their communication. Brands will start to make both longer and shorter formats. 

We believe in communication that engages and creates emotions among the audience.
This in combination with more tactical films.

Documentaries are a powerful tool for creating emotions. We want to tell stories that the audience cares about if and actually want to click on.

Already today, we see brands trying to tell stories in serial form, especially on social media.

In the future, many will understand how much there is to gain from focusing on building strong bonds between the target group and their brand through a recurring story that feels real.

Sometimes it may be about telling the brand's fascinating story, other times you have to find external characters, stories and worlds to move into.


Strong stories about truck drivers around the world.

An example is our mini-series that we made for Scania and the Uptime service. This together with Uncle Unicorn / CP+B.

To shape that service, research was done in the same way as we do for feature film projects. This in order to find angles and countries that could be interesting to find characters in.

We were looking for strong conflicts that could affect the audience but that were connected to what Scania wanted to accomplish.

In that case, we described transports that involved dangerous traffic in Turkey, extreme driving conditions in Iceland and the transport of dangerous explosive material in Ukraine.

Based on that, we found strong characters who could shape it in a natural way. The resulted in a massive increase in engagement on Scania's digital channels such as FB and YouTube. 



The Heart of Running

Craft Sportswear had a new long distance running shoe so they wanted to make a film that could get engagement & interest among runners. 

Finding Flagstaff is an inspiring film about the heart of long-distance running, a town called Flagstaff. A small place in Arizona where a lot of superstars live. We wanted to do something more than just a traditional mood film with nice visuals. A strong story. We wanted to make a film that could inspire runners. Therefore, we partnered up with ultra-marathon runner Tommy Rivers to tell the story about the town.

More to come - a longer confidential project in the making.


Surviving a Fire

A campaign made together with Le bureau and Colony. A touching and engaging film about a serious topic which explains what it is like to have a disability in the event of a fire.


By simulating poor hearing, bad vision, pain and bad mobility, we gave relatives of people living with these problems an insight into what the consequences of a fire can be.

Saab Stories

One of the largeest Saab collections in the U.S

Saab Stories made together with Saab & Nine Yards. The company still makes parts for the cars. Which means that if you still own a car, there's no risk that they will be no parts, even though the've shut down the production for new cars. Through 3 documentary stories and 1 manifesto film, we wanted to get drivers to realize the unique value of driving a SAAB, and what meaning and responsibility it entails. Both for life, heritage and the planet.

In this episode, we meet Rich, Valarie and LeeRoy – Looking at the world from a different perspective can result in one of the most impressive Saab collections ever.